Memorial Day Weekend Driving Tips – Don’t be another statistic on the road!

Memorial Day weekend, a time to stock up the cooler, fire up the barbecue, and hang out with friends and family to celebrate those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. After all, this is the unofficial kick off of the summer season! It is what we all have been waiting for, especially after this years incredibly long winter season.

While Memorial Day weekend is traditionally a time for most to celebrate freedom, it also brings about one of the heaviest traffic weekends as well. Expect accident rates to rise in conjunction with the heavier traffic. Niebling Auto Body would like to share the following tips to help you keep you and your family safe this holiday season.



  • Avoid Alcohol – We all know alcohol and driving are never a good combination. In St. Louis during 2006, 1,257 people died in traffic accidents while in 2013, vehicle related deaths were down to 757 individuals. Many of these were alcohol related. Let’s keep up the great effort! Steer clear of drinking if you know you will be driving and keep a keen eye on the road for those that may be drinking and driving.
  • Check your tires – Memorial Day weekend may mean a road trip for your and your family. If so, check the tires before you hit the road. Hot pavement can take its toll.
  • Check your windshield – Road grime quickly builds up on the windshield. And while everything may appear clear during daylight hours, night brings along a different tale. You don’t want to find yourself with obstructed vision due to a dirty windshield if you are heading home from that family get together long after the sun has gone down.
  • Allow plenty of travel time – With the busy holiday weekend hustle and bustle the roads will experience a higher volume of traffic. Allow yourself plenty of travel time to avoid the unnecessary frustration high traffic may cause.
  • Be alert – Not only do you need your rest to feel good, you need your rest to be safe. Drowsy drivers are more likely to be involved in automobile accidents. You also need to be alert of the other drivers you are sharing the road with.

The staff at Niebling Auto Body is looking forward to the wonderful holiday weekend ahead. Looks like we will finally see some terrific weather! It is always a pleasure to spend time with friends and family. We hope that you will enjoy

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